Annual Awards Ceremony

October 21, 2010


It also means being willing to take risks. Family businesses face the same tough challenges every other business endures but they also encounter a unique set of personal and professional challenges that non-family businesses could never imagine. Despite these obstacles, family businesses power Massachusetts' economic engine and are the backbone of the United States economy. Family businesses provide significant employment opportunities, revenue generation, economic growth, and are also traditionally active within their local communities.

The Family Business Association, Inc. is a non-profit, independent organization created to honor these businesses and their achievements. Our goal is to accomplish the following:

  • highlight successful family businesses;
  • recognize excellence within family businesses with an annual awards program;
  • highlight how family businesses have succeeded;
  • honor family businesses that have dealt with adversity; and
  • recognize family businesses for their philanthropic efforts.
About FBA,Inc.
The Family Business Association, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization designed to promote family businesses and family business achievements in Massachusetts. Its goal is to promote the development of creative ideas, services, products and expertise to family-owned businesses. The annual awards program honors excellence in business management, growth, community service and business transition within family businesses.



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